Home products made from waste fats, to purses fashioned out of shedded snake skins. Our 2019 show saw new designers working towards the future to tackle global concerns by exploring bizarrely brilliant new materials.

Designer Benjamin Stanton looks to the fashion and textile industry to harness waste that is destined to end up in landfill.

Sustainability is obviously very important to you and your focus. What is it about sustainability that resonates with you as a designer?

As a designer I believe that it is my duty to design products sustainably, both pragmatic and the material use and manufacturing method.

What is your goal as a designer?

My goal as a designer is to create products that have longevity, not disposable items. Products that will out live me, not for the sake of leaving a ‘legacy’ behind or sentiment. Products that celebrate craftsmanship, with a desire to do things better.

Who or what is your biggest influence/inspiration?

People and our society offer us designers a lot to think about. But closer to home, my family are my inspiration.

How do you push through a creative block?

I have a will to create things, and there is a reoccurring question that runs through my mind. How can things/it be better? This keeps me busy on a day to day basis.

What’s next for you, where will you focus your next project?

I’m moving in to my first premises in Sheffield early November. This will be my studio/base to work from, I plan to keep building on my existing portfolio and hopefully work with some bigger companies in the industry.

Hypothetically, if your studio was a blaze and you could save one thing, what would it be? 

If I had to save one thing from my burning studio it would have to be my Border Terrier dog Morris, no question.


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