Are you an emerging designer looking for guidance from leading brands in the design industry? 

We have on hand the brilliant, Ben Stanton, Designer, Habitat, to provide career changing advice. Discover what advice this professional would give to themselves at the start of their career, how they remain positive and where they source their inspiration. 

Looking back to the start of your career, what advice would you love to give yourself?

Looking back at the start of my career as a designer and maker, I would tell myself to go and travel more. Find the places/people exploring craft, whether it be wood turning, stone carving, or pint making, and get involved for the season. Don’t fall into the traps of society and thinking that you need money to do these things. Just do the things that you enjoy doing, and trust you gut instincts, everything else will fall into place surrounding yourself with the things you enjoy.

What does resilience mean to you?

Resilience is very important in the design industry, as like all industries it can feel quite hard to get involved with the good companies you might like to work for. Especially if you’re planning on becoming a freelance designer. However, making your self-known to the design industry through events like New Designers is integral to your development as a designer. It is a great introduction to industry experts/companies, and more importantly you get the chance to talk to others just like you, starting out, searching for the right path.

Who or what inspires you?

Inspiration comes from everywhere, it doesn’t have to be physical, and it can be quite literal, without having too much depth sometimes. But the best commercial ideas tend to spring from targeted research, a good knowledge of the existing market, and an ambition to improve/develop on a problem. All the while, it is a balance of keeping things simple, with just the right amount of detailing within a products design. Too simple, and the product could look boring. Too complexed, and the consumer may not connect with a product. It is a fine balance, and I find it enjoyable.