Business Design Centre New Designer of the Year Award Week 2


Business Design Centre


Winner: Ryan Waterhouse

Title of work: Terra Nova

University: Bournemouth University


We were impressed by Ryan’s ability to think of the entire system. His work is well thought through, there is so much that has been considered within the design design and this has enabled application on a local and global sale.


The Business Design Centre are pleased to award the winning graduate £1,000 to go towards the development of their design career. In addition, the runner up of this award will receive £500.

Ryan Waterhouse 3

Image: Ryan Waterhouse, Winner of the New Designer of the Year Award 2022.


Ryan Waterhouse 2
Ryan Waterhouse 4
Ryan Waterhouse 1


The Business Design Centre (BDC) is proud to present the New Designer of the Year Award. With one winner for each part of the event, these awards are highly prestigious and give the winning graduate the highest adulation at the event.
To help us find the BDC New Designer of the Year winner, please read the criteria below as to what we look out for.

This person’s work should reflect their personal values and incorporate this into the thought processes of how their work might develop from here. They should be able to demonstrate their passion for what they do and have an understanding of its potential future and commercial viability.

Through a blend of personality, talent and drive, innovation should sit at the very core of this individual. They will display a proactive way of looking at things in fresh and original ways.

This individual’s work should demonstrate quality of making, drawing, composition and presentation. Clarity in their thought processes demonstrating cohesion within their collection ensuring a common thread, style or story.

The candidate to have an open, ‘can do’ attitude towards their work and achievement. Be able to bounce back when obstacles or disappointments face them enabling them and their work to thrive.