The CMS Future Design Star Prize




Jess Gardner


Loughborough University


‘Real world solution to pain and discomfort of IVF injections. Also has other uses beyond IVF.’

Jess Gardner


The idea for Pip started when Jess came across a couple online who were doing the IVF process. The couple shared content around their difficulty in self-administering IVF injections at home. Seeing that there were no products in the mark designed to help with what is already an emotional and difficult process, Jess created a product which makes the injection process less difficult and ensure that injections are processed safely. 

Pip is a portable and reusable injection guidance and pain relief device, specifically designed for IVF. It guides you through the injection process whilst also including various pain relief elements, such as Peltier, cold numbing and vibration.


One free UK trade mark application for a brand name / product name [in up to 5 classes]* 

One free EU trade mark application for a brand name / product name [in up to 5 classes]*

A free UK Registered Design application for one product/design*

A free Community (EU) Registered Design application for one product/design*

*CMS will fund the cost of these applications through to registration assuming they do not encounter any obstacles during the application process.

A short-form non-disclosure agreement template, to help the winner protect their rights when sharing their designs/products with third parties

Up to ten hours of free-of-charge legal advice from CMS’s top-ranked IP team (to be used within 12 months of receiving the prize)  

Access to CMS’ IP Foundation legal training programme, comprising around 6 hours of web-based training, providing an overview of core aspects of IP law across all key topics (trade marks, designs, copyright, etc.) 

Use of CMS’ London offices for up to two meetings (lasting no more than 2 hours each).

Invitations to CMS client-facing conferences, seminars and webinars, with opportunities to meet and mingle with CMS’ network of clients and design industry experts. 

Opportunity for informal mentoring support from an industry expert introduced by CMS (further details of potential mentor(s) and mentoring support package to be confirmed). 


First and foremost, CMS is looking for a talented designer who has created an innovative design that is truly new when compared to anything already on the market.

We are excited to find an enthusiastic young designer with entrepreneurial flair and aspirations for getting their design produced and made available to consumers, working alongside a manufacturer or launching a direct-to-consumer business. CMS wants to find the right candidate who is able to make the most of the support and resources that the prize offers.

The successful candidate should be able to articulate what is unique and different about their product or design, how and where it will be made and produced, what their target market is, and how their product would ideally be distributed (i.e. their route(s) to market). The design should ideally also have some consideration regarding sustainability.