Creative Conscience Social Impact Design Award


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Lloyd’s project was chosen for its potential impact on society. To look at transforming the criminal justice system is a unique, brave and ambitious act of radical reform – we believe we need brave, radical design thinking to positively change our world. Congratulations Lloyd for thinking big, building this idea in just 10 days and questioning the way to look at the world. Why does this matter social justice and the environmental challenges we face are linked.


Using your skills and talents, we want you to create or build on a project that has benefit and impact, improving society for the better.

Choose an issue that you feel passionate about, identify something that isn’t working for you and look for a solution. We’re interested however big or small your ideas are.


BAME males are the worst affected from internal discrimination, being 81% more likely to be sent to prison for an offence than white males. BYAS is an augmented reality system for judge and jury during a trial. The headset utilises body tracking technology and projects gender neutral avatars over the top of the participants involved in the trail, thus removing any preconceived beliefs about the individuals. AI adjusts the frequency of voices to a gender neutral tone, and gender specific pronouns are replaced by neutral alternatives. With this system in place, we can be confident that the way we treat people in the criminal justice system is entirely equal and individuals will receive a fairer trial.



At Creative Conscience, we are fortunate to have support from many great designers and practitioners working in the creative industry and can provide contacts and advice to assist the development of your design career. We aim to help the winning project towards becoming a reality.