Creative Innovation In Jewellery Award


Weston Beamor


Winner: Abigail Pontefract

Title of work: Perming Your Ears

University: Glasgow School of Art


‘Journey of self learning.
Use of CAD & 3D printing.
Innovative materials and concept.
Playful collection.’


The prize includes: 

• Two week’s work experience working with jewellery CAD Designers, 3D print Technicians and Master Craftsmen

• The opportunity to design, CAD and manufacture a piece of silver jewellery to keep.  (weight restrictions apply, TBC)



‘Perming Your Ears’ (Basil Fawlty, Fawlty Towers, BBC 1975-1979) is a collection celebrating the ceremony of getting ready. My final collection plays with dichotomy between the intimacy of getting ready and the absurdity of the circus. Links are made between these two entities- stripes to represent highlighted hair and circus tents, shapes mimicking spotlights and the outline of the face. At the centre of my collection, is the hair roller, used as the main symbol of ‘getting ready.’ This object, which would ordinarily be used to make individuals presentable is transformed into an ornament to adorn ourselves. SLS nylon is used for its lightweight property, allowing me to create jewellery on a larger, surreal scale whilst still making it functional. ‘Prêt, Pas Prêt’ is a series of bonnets, modelled on a highlighting cap. Digital manipulation was used to produce a stripes and dots pattern on two of the bonnets, mimicking both the original highlighting cap and roller surfaces. Intimacy is brought into the design by using (unnatural) silk for the remaining two bonnets. The striped interior lining is a concealed element, creating a secret connection between the wearer and the maker (myself).



The WB judges will be looking for pieces that demonstrate innovative use of CAD, 3D printing, casting and traditional hand finishing techniques, combined with aesthetic appeal and practicality.