Fashion and Textile Museum award for Excellence in Textile Design


Fashion and Textile Museum


Emma Gorrie

Textile Design for Art Psychotherapy

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, University of Dundee


Commissioned textile work to be displayed at the Fashion and Textile Museum and then accessioned into the Museum’s permanent collection.


Complete and sophisticated collection with a well thought-out process and development of concepts and techniques.



An art psychotherapist helps people work through their personal issues using materials and the creative process as a therapeutic aide. Since the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns, which significantly impacted the population’s mental health, I have been keen to examine the importance of meaningful social interactions on mental health and I want my degree year to explore this. My project reflects on journeys and memories while tapping into the mindful action of physical making.

I have explored different design processes to find out what techniques and processes are most appropriate for people of all skill levels. From here I have developed workshops centred around some key textile design elements – colour and structure. The COVID-19 pandemic sparked my interest in improving social interaction opportunities. I ran these workshops as a method of broadening students’ social interactions, helping them engage in conversations, exchange stories, and learn new skills together. The workshops are currently directed towards students but there is scope to develop and adapt for different demographics.

I have created an accessible version of the workshops in the form of a self-contained kit, which could be available for postal purchase or via bricks and mortar retailers. Each kit would contain the essential items for each workshop, accompanied by detailed instructions and videos. To create a circular system of creation, design and inspiration, there will be an option to share any work created from the kits through an online community of fellow makers and designers.

Alongside my workshops, I have developed a body of work which explores the relationship between colour, relaxation and connection to showcase the power of colour. Using knowledge of the perception and understanding of colour I make bold and considered colour design collections that have presence and impact.


Excellent textile design reflecting innovation across a variety of textile media.