Kenwood Appliances Award


Name: Matthew Shepherd

Title:  EKO Kitchen

Course: Product Design

University: Edinburgh Napier University 


Matthew’s EKO Kitchen Presentation stood out as it showed great process and thought. Due to this, the idea was realistic and showed commercial potential. His accompanying video described the concept and showed how it is possible to prototype and communicate a solution well with limited materials in the recent Lockdown climate. Congratulations!


Apply the Trends of Compact Living and Furnification to a Kitchen Food Preparation Appliance and evolve it into a product suitable for the broader home environment. While still retaining the functionality to be able to perform food preparation tasks at a high level, it must be a desirable piece that any consumer would be happy to have out on display in their home, yet not too much of a statement to demand attention. We are looking for true innovation, something that could disrupt the market and offer a real tangible benefit to the user and their environment.


Matthew Shepherd’s research into recycling food waste led him to create a stand-alone butchers block/kitchen unit that would have all the recycling bins and a place to store the Waste Wrappers, whilst de-cluttering the kitchen by centralising all the bins.



The winner will receive a £1,000 cash prize to help them in their development as a designer.