Liberty Fabrics Studio Award


Winner: Ella Averty

Title of work: Untitled

University: Arts University Bournemouth


Ella showed beautiful, versatile handwriting with a wide mix of techniques. Her work included lovely elements of conversationalism and humour.


1. A visit to the London Fabrics design studio to meet the designers, discover the famous archive and gain understanding of the design process.

2. A six month mentorship scheme will be provided to the winner to help them navigate the industry. 

3. Liberty goody bag and certificate.

Ella Averty 3

Image: Ella Averty, Winner of the Liberty Fabrics Studio Award 2022.

Ella Averty 2
Ella Averty 4
Ella Averty 1


The award will be given to a designer who shows innovative techniques, a compelling narrative and great technical ability. We are looking for entries to surprise, charm and challenge us.