MADE.COM Collaboration Award


Winner: Aamana Bibi Nahwaz

Title of work: Table Lamp

University: Birmingham City University


Iconic Design with beautiful simple form, great functionality with portability and subtle use of colour blending into a commercial timeless design.


The prize is the opportunity for the winning designer to work with MADE.COM on a bespoke collection that will be manufactured by our own factories and sold for retail on our website and displayed in our showroom. The designer will be eligible for royalties based on the retail sales value of the collection itself.

Aamana Nahwaz 3

Image: Aamana Bibi Nahwaz, Winner of the Collaboration Award 2022.

Aamana Nahwaz 2
Aamana Nahwaz 4
Aamana Nahwaz 1


The award will be given to a designer who demonstrates an eye for detail, a spark of creativity and a passion for all things design. The award will not be based solely on the individual items being exhibited but on the potential of the designer as well.