Sanderson Design Group Award 2


Sanderson Design Group


Name: Robyn Gauld

Title: The End of the Silk Road

Course: Design for Printed Textiles

University: Heriot-Watt University


We selected Robyn for the Sanderson and Zoffany internship due to her stunning portfolio of work, showing a really sophisticated aesthetic and beautiful use of colour. We were impressed at her all around abilities in the use of CAD software, her professionalism and confidence. We look forward to welcoming her within the design studio.


We would like to see hand painted artwork which may include a variety of media of your choice such as screen prints, gouache, oils, lithographs, weaving and collage. Push yourself to try new mediums and techniques that you haven’t done before. Your explorative artworks must then be built into a surface pattern design for interiors resulting in at least one standout ‘signature’ design alongside two co-ordinating pieces.


The End of the Silk Road is an interior print collection of digitally printed fabrics and hard surfaces inspired by East Asia. It aims to convey feelings of balance and serenity. Robyn Gauld was inspired by Stefan Ormenison, the founder of ‘Mind the Gap’ who creates instantly recognisable and iconic art, architecture and culturally inspired designs of East Asia.



The two winners of this award will receive a 12 month paid internship which will be based in either one of the 7 design studios.