The Belmond Award


Name: Giles Fearon

Title: Naturalistic Mindfulness 

Course: 3D Design

University: Manchester Metropolitan University


Giles’ stunning glass sculpture is a fascinating piece of work that showcases a well-thought-out combination of art & craft, mindfulness and the use of glass materials. The breathing technique used to create the product is conducive to the idea of slow travel – where we take the time to focus on ourselves and cherish every moment of the journey.


Afloat in France is about to complete an exciting renovation in 2021, we aspire to provide our updated interiors with unique, crafted designs that have a genuine and innovative quality. We invite the designers of ND2021 to create any object of desire fit for one or all our barges based in France.


The aim of this project is for the user/interactor to enjoy the naturalistic elements and pause, thus giving a sense of mindfulness. The objects fundamentals relate to the calming presence of nature and its positive attributes and can be displayed in both singular and grouped collections to provide serenity in a multitude of spaces on a Belmond Barge.



The winner will receive a cash bursary and a commission to design a one-off piece to be manufactured and displayed on board a Les Bateaux Belmond barge due to complete an exciting renovation in 2021.