The Habitat Future Design Award – Textiles and Surface Pattern Design


Name: Andrea Gonzales


Course: Textile Design 

University: Birmingham City University 


Andrea’s work showed excellent craftsmanship using weaves and complex textures with a strong unified colour palette. Her presentation evoked the story, not only drawing on her heritage, but also using primary research into handcrafted techniques from the Philippines, all of which the judges found to be a lovely personal touch. The project was also supported by a beautiful weave sample and sketchbook experimentation. Well Done Andrea!


At Habitat we believe in beautiful design that is functional, good quality, sustainable and how to Make your home a happy Habitat.

Could you see one of your designs sitting alongside our curated collection of product and furniture? If so then this is an open opportunity for you to pitch a design or idea to our panel of judges.


This collection of woven jacquard and printed fabrics for interiors capture the essence of Andrea Gonzales’ Filipino culture, with a particular focus on the textile traditions. Certain provinces in the Phillippines are known for their wooden cut carving which is reflected through the use of lino printing. The distinctive patterns have been translated into woven jacquard designs to create a coordinating series of fabrics that celebrate the craftsmanship of weaving that is deeply rooted in the Filipino culture.




  • Mentoring from our Senior Designers to gain invaluable industry experience.
  • Your design idea purchased for £500 plus support to get the product manufactured where possible to launch with Habitat.

The prize winner will be asked to provide exclusivity to Habitat if it decides to consider commercial development and production. The panel will clarify terms and conditions of mentorship with the individual upon completion of the competition.