Discover below a collection of innovative and imaginative ceramic works from some of our incredible students. 

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Manchester School of Art

‘Cicely Peers: Infinite Possibilities’ has now launched on to Thrown Contemporary’s website. Her work explores the boundaries between the mass-produced and the handmade. 

Cicely Peers’ practice negotiates the boundaries between the handmade and mass produced, combining modern technologies with more traditional ceramic techniques. Using CAD she has devised a bespoke modular method of constructing segmental moulds for slipcast. The innovative method of mould assembly ensures that each piece can be a one-off. She hopes the finished form of her objects will prove visually appealing and make the viewer curious about materiality and the processes involved in their creation.

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Manchester School of Art

Nadire Gokmen graduated with a degree in Three Dimensional Design from Manchester School of Art in 2020. She was then announced as the winner of Thrown Contemporary Ceramics Award at New Designers 2020. 

Nadire has also had a recent collection for Collect Art Fair 2022 – a special series from her recent residency in Guldagergaard, Denmark, ‘Rust: The Reduction Series’.

Fascinated by both materials and surface, her process led practice is inspired by observations of our man made, material environment.

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University of Ulster

Sorcha is in her final year studying Ceramics at Ulster University, she creates fragile and challenging sculptures from porcelain. Her current collection of work tells the story of the last year, Twenty-one porcelain bottles signifying twenty-one events of importance, with a heavy focus on police brutality, Covid-19, and the Belfast riots. Although this has been a year like no other, introducing imagery from similar events throughout history, like the black plague, gives these historical episodes a contemporary twist, while showing how our current challenges are not completely unprecedented. 
The casting of household objects such as bottles of bleach, reflect the items that were bought in bulk during the early stages of the pandemic and are now used to help stop further spread of the virus. The news is ever changing but with her work Sorcha strives to preserve in permanent ceramic form moments throughout history that are sometimes forgotten as new stories and events continue to take place.
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Morley College

Coming into ceramics without an artistic background, Marina was mesmerised by its endless possibilities to tell stories. She capture memories, feelings and impressions that are significant to her and turned them into abstract sculptural objects.

Regardless of medium and surface decoration, my work reflects my personal artistic preferences: to be minimalistic and simple, nevertheless I would love to give my work some subtle meaning.
My ceramics have a nature and quality that encourages playing with them: to touch them, to take them in hand, to rearrange them. I try to make objects that are friendly with their environment, not too aggressive, modest but present.