Nature has always been a strong influencer within design but over the last year we have seen a revival and an appreciation to connecting to nature. The freshest design talent from the ND Class of 21 have brought this to the fore as we see nature as an emerging trend in this year’s projects. 

Explore below a collection of innovative designers, from textiles which harness light and wind, to interior design born from an appreciation of nature and to ensure their design provides a positive impact on our natural world and on those who inhabit it. 


BA (Hons) BA (Hons) Textile Design, Farnham, University For the Creative Art

The textile evolves around experiences and surroundings, the handwoven leno printed textile transforms with wind and light, creating incredible reflections and shadows. It shifts from being an object to view, into an experience. The collection attempts to materialise light itself, regarding the feeling of ‘Sehnsucht’ looking to the Summer and Mediterranean landscapes made up of sensations of vivid hues, colour and enjoyment.


BA (Hons) Product Furniture, University of Plymouth

Calla is a space-saving, educational and elegant hydroponics system. Named after the calla lily, it introduces an organic shape to a boxy market. Curved indents emphasise the organic and floral shape for both a decorative and functional design – the spouted tip helps the weekly disposal of the nutrient solution.


(HND) Ceramics, Morley College Waterloo

Slip cast stoneware, glazed, ceramic decals.

“Poor Cow” is a collection of ceramic branded cows and illustrated milk bottles


BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation, Manchester School of Art, Man Met University

‘Tend The Soil’ is a pull out poster design from this creative’s newspaper publication, SPROUT.

SPROUT celebrates community gardening and food growing schemes and aims to educate young adults on mindful, practical engagement with nature, as well as food stability and production.


BA (Hons) Product Design, De Montfort University 

A rugged, all terrain food prep and cooking solution for users wanting to cook meals wherever they set up camp. Using an integrated hinge mechanism, the two modules can be unstacked when setting up camp, creating a large work surface and cooking area. When packing up camp, the hinges make stacking and registration simple and intuitive. 


BA (Hons) Jewellery & Silversmithing, Edinburgh College of Art

This work is inspired by the changes and unchanging things around, and they are sometimes presented in the process.

The collection is born from observation, and finding the relatively constant things in the changing life from day to day. The shape and texture come from observation and reflection on the surrounding environment and life. Working with precious metals and also with materials within reach, such as waste wood, with which I explore the materiality and material relationships.


BA (Hons) Interior Environmental Design, DJCAD, University of Dundee

Young minds grow more by exploring nature. This project connects children to the outside world when some are not able to go outside as much. These three different buildings inspire young minds in different ways, from looking at the weather in a different way, camping indoors and camping skills indoors. Each sparking everyone in different ways and leaving seeing things in a different way.


BA (Hons) Product Design, University of the West of England 

An Interior Designer with a desire to create amazing and practical places that will contribute to society and have a positive impact on the world. This creative’s designs are always connected to Nature, organic shapes, Biophilia, and unique design ideas and solutions. Nature is at the very heart of their work and approach at all times. 


BA (Hons) 3D Design, University of Plymouth 

Specialising in the combination of traditional woodworking and digital fabrication methods this emerging designer produces functional objects with simplicity, if something is working – why change it?

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