Design Council: Climate Conscious Branding

Design Council: Climate Conscious Branding

Friday 7 July

13:00 - 13.45 pm


Laura Casali, Design Council

Design Council host a talk at New Designers to tell the story of their sustainable graphic design discoveries from their recent brand refresh process.

All talks and workshops are free to attend with a valid ticket to New Designers. To attend a talk or workshop please book your ticket to New Designers, making sure to book on the corresponding day. You may then reserve your place to attend the talk or workshop using the link below.

June Mineyama-Smithson is a London-based Japanese artist and graphic designer on a mission to spread optimism. Alongside her design work, June lectures at UAL as well as judging and speaking at a number of major design events. Her bold, joyful designs have been featured internationally on ITV, Creative Boom, Design Milk, SCMP and Cow Parade Niseko.

Design Council is an influential organization dedicated to promoting and harnessing the power of design to enhance the lives of individuals and communities. With a rich heritage spanning over 75 years, Design Council has played a pivotal role in shaping the design landscape in the United Kingdom and beyond. Their mission is to champion the value of design and its ability to drive innovation, solve complex challenges, and create positive social and economic change. Through strategic collaborations, research, and practical projects, Design Council empowers businesses, policymakers, and the public to understand, embrace, and leverage design thinking for a better future. Their expertise spans a wide range of disciplines, including architecture, product design, digital innovation, urban planning, and more. Whether it’s shaping the built environment, improving public services, or fostering sustainable solutions, Design Council is at the forefront of harnessing design as a catalyst for positive transformation.