Victoria Jenkins (CEO and Founder, Unhidden), Alice Cracknell (Origin), Chamiah Dewey (Chamiah Dewey Fashion), Abi James Miller (fashion model, filmmaker, researcher)

Friday 1 July, 10:30 - 11:30

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Discussing the link between inclusive design process, sustainability and the role we all need to play in the future of fashion, this pioneering panel of experts will discuss the why and the how of what they do and give practical tips for the next generation of designers to build inclusion and diversity in to their design practices as they go. – What made them create the brand they have – The impact their work has- why it is important. – Lessons they have learned as they grow. – A top tip on improving their social and sustainable impacts.
Victoria Jenkins
Alice Cracknell
Chamiah Dewey
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Victoria Jenkins, CEO and Founder, Unhidden

Victoria Jenkins is a garment technologist with 14 years experience in the fashion industry who became Disabled in her 20s. She founded Unhidden after a chance encounter with a woman with cancer that changed the course of her life. This is Unhidden’s story.
Victoria is also a brand ambassador for Models of Diversity and Purple Tuesday, which are focused on disability inclusion from a consumer point of view as well as representation. She is also secretary of Fashion Roundtables’ Inclusion and Diversity Committee.

Alice Cracknell, Origin

Alice is the director of eco-fashion enterprise Origin, which is proving that consumers don’t have to choose between style and substance. Alice’s innovative approach to business has created solutions to the typical ‘fast fashion’ model and instead focuses on sustainable fabrics, ethical production and compostable packaging helping Origin stand out from a sea of over-production and synthetic garments. Most importantly Origin donates 100% of profits to social impact initiatives in Africa proving fashion can be a force for good.

Chamiah Dewey, Chamiah Dewey Fashion

Chamiah Dewey Fashion is the UK’s first clothing brand for people with Dwarfism/short stature. We offer stylish, timeless pieces, made in eco-conscious fabrics, sourced and produced in the UK, and finished with innovative, adaptive fastenings. Our mission is to disrupt the fashion industry, producing and spreading positive representations of little people to the mainstream media, changing societal perceptions and showing the fashion industry that little people are just as beautiful and deserving of stylish clothing and a place in the industry.

Abi James Miller (fashion model, filmmaker, researcher)

Abi is a disability activist and believes in Fashion Activism and filmmaking, which are her passions. Abi is a filmmaker and researcher and loves to use creative mediums to amplify minority voices and educate people about important issues.