Belinda King Glass

Stand NDS TBC9

'I work with making both glass blown and kiln formed glass homeware and sculptural one off pieces of art.

With my homeware, the water jugs and tumblers and blown in the hotshop, with the pattern added on in a way that can't be exactly recreated in the next piece made. This makes every piece unique and a one of a kind, fitting the amazing nature of working with glass. 

As an autistic designer, in my day to day life I am very strict in how certain things have to be for me to be comfortable. By leaning in to the nature of glass and all its' capabilities, I am able to design work where the joy of the piece is in its' uniqueness whilst also allowing me to not stress over making each piece be exact. This means I am able to make work that I love creating time and time again, whilst helping my mind to be calm down from its' normal speed of living on the spectrum, and help me to destress and focus purely on what I love to do.'