Liz Willoughby

Stand NDS16

Liz Willoughby is an Artist and Jewellery designer from the West Coast of Scotland. She graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2022 with a BA honours in Silversmithing and Jewellery design. Her final year collection entitled 'Na Mara' saw the creation of over 30 brooches which carried narratives of beachcombing in wild coastal regions. Utilising bold colour combinations and contrasting surface qualities, Liz creates statement pieces, which invite conversations around sustainability and explore the potential of discarded materials, challenging ideas of preciousness.

'My work explores the potential of ocean plastics. My process is driven by curiosity and begins on Scotland's west coast, gathering material cast up by the sea. My colour pallet reflects the colours of the beach due to plastic pollution and seeks to provide a new life for materials otherwise overlooked.

The journey of these materials continues in my studio where I explore compositions. I adore the unique weathered qualities the elements impose upon the materials and I endeavour to highlight these. I work instinctively, focusing on combinations and contrasts of surface quality, line and colour. Since graduating I have been working to develop a new material produced with microplastic fragments which mimics the colour qualities of precious stones.

The work I create is unique and one of a kind. All of my pieces are responsibly designed and produced with handmade quality using traditional techniques and recycled and fairly acquired materials.'