Ravensbourne University London

Stand FP22

Course name : Ba (hons) Product Design
We are extremely proud to present this year’s Ravensbourne product design graduates.
The last two years for everyone have been challenging and studying for a design degree while working through two lockdowns and continued Covid restrictions has made life even more tricky for these young designers.
They have shown great resilience and pushed on to create some brilliant final major projects that meet user needs, and for some challenge the current social construct, elevating experiences for all.
Our ambition is to produce adaptable creative thinkers who are not afraid of a multi-disciplinary approach, adept at working in teams and who understand emerging technologies and processes.
Their design thinking is informed by the key principles of product design: user research, trend forecasting, emerging technologies, ergonomics, inclusivity, design process, materials and manufacturing.

Thank you for attending and please enjoy the show