Sugandh Makwana Studio

Stand NDS 10

Course name : Contemporary Jewellery
Sugandh is a jewellery designer based in London. Hailing from India and sculpted by experiences at Central Saint Martins, her work serves as a vibrant bridge between tradition and innovation. She creates by delving into the intricate nuances of unconscious biases embedded within individuals through their cultures. As a passionate creator, she aims to create pieces that transcend cultural barriers and foster a deeper connection with individuals from different walks of life. She expresses by bringing attention to the ordinary yet significant parts of one's culture that add to their personality more than they realise. Cultural awareness & sensitivity are central to her practice.

She has showcased her creations in numerous exhibitions in London, underscoring her commitment to excellence in her craft. Recently, she has achieved a significant milestone in her professional journey where she has been recognized as one of the honorees for the 'One For The Future' award by NYC Jewelry Week. This annual accolade celebrates emerging talent in the jewellery industry and the selection is based on demonstrated dedication to the craft and a commitment to career growth.