Inspiring Inclusion: Women Shaping the Design Landscape

Overcoming the Challenges of the Creative Industry with Renata Aminian

This year’s edition of International Women’s Day honours the theme of ‘Inspire Inclusion’.

We’ve spoken to a number of inspirational members of the #NDCommunity who have shared their experiences of being a woman in the design industry, and what inspires them to forge a more inclusive future. In this series of interviews, meet the individuals who are breaking down barriers and driving inclusion in their practices to shape the future of design with creativity and resilience.

Renata Valadares de Carvalho Aminian is a Furniture Designer and founder of Renata Aminian Studio. She operates at the intersection of technological innovation and eco-consciousness. Her design practice values openness, inclusivity, customization, and simplicity with character. It makes use of Circular Economy principles and responsible materials to create greener and more family-friendly products.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is ‘Inspire Inclusion’, what does this mean to you?

‘To thrive and excel in the design industry as a woman, dedicated mother of young children, and a relatively recent immigrant from a developing country, I like to focus on the idea that the creative industry is still a more enlightened, liberal, and open-minded place than other types of job. However, it is still such a male-dominated industry far from becoming a place where everyone is equal and judged purely on their abilities, especially for a furniture designer.’

Is there a particular woman in the design world that inspires you?

‘Yes, I have always been inspired by the work of Patricia Urquiola. She is a brave woman who takes her practice outside the studio into the educational field, inspiring all generations of designers and questioning prejudices. Her furniture has the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, being very family friendly (which is a priority for my own practice) without shouting about it or compromising on elegance and style.’

What piece of advice would you give to women pursuing a career in the design world?

‘I believe that women must never give up ‘trying to have it all’. Let’s face the battle and push the boundaries. Let’s be visionaries! Everyday we have to visualise the future. There is a lot to change and we can do it.’

Is there a particular woman designer or women-run design business you’d like to give a shout out to?

‘I want to give a shout-out to every professional or institution who makes use of their practice to promote women in leadership roles and celebrate the achievements of women in the design field. Every designer needs platforms to network, collaborate, and excel but women face unique challenges and biases. All my gratitude and admiration go to whoever has the power and courage to embrace diversity and inclusion.’

Join us at New Designers 2024 to meet Renata and view these innovative furniture designs for yourself – find her in ND Selects in Week 2 (3 – 6 July). Learn more below.

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