New Designers for 2020 has worked with Pentagram design studio to produce a new and ambitious creative with an aim of engaging and empowering this year’s cohort of new designers. We are thrilled with the finished designs and hope you are too!

We spoke to Domenic Lippa about the inspiration around the 2020 creative and asked him to give us an insight into Pentagrams identity, take a look below.

What is Pentagram’s creative philosophy?

A flat structure of collaborative interdisciplinary partners and designers, working together to engender cross fertilisation of knowledge and a deep understanding of all aspects of design. The work is really the centre piece for everything we have done for nearly 50 years. It’s our strongest asset along with the people who work in the offices.

What sort of designer works at Pentagram?

Any sort of designer who cares about what they do and want to use design to improve the world. We never restrict our designers with the amount of time they work on a project. Instead we expect them to bring a passion and dedication to every project we undertake. Whether that might be the largest project with the healthiest of budgets to the smallest pro bono one.

What does Pentagram believe is the key to great design?

Great design should inform, engage and empower.

What were your key focuses for the New Designers 2020 creative?

We focused on what New Designers represent and we wanted to disrupt, resulting in a loud identity. New Designers cut through the status quo in pursuit of innovation. The creative process and outcome, for any designer, should never be predictable and we intended to capture this.

Why does Pentagram support New Designers?

Pentagram is a diverse collaborative that thrives on innovation. New Designers showcases the future of the design industry so it’s important that we collaborate and feed off one another. All the partners continue to teach and/or have some involvement with education so for us New Designers are the future.


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