Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director of Dulux, Founder, Colour in Design Award
Kitty Joseph, Fashion Designer
Phoebe Lewis, ND Award winner 2020
Emmaline Rogers, Sustainability Manager, Akzonobel UK
Kit Miles, designer and ND Award winner

Friday 8 July, 15:00 - 16:00

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What does sustainability actually mean for creatives and big corporate manufacturers? Is it so different for each – and how can they work together to make the world last a lot longer?
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Marianne Shillingford (Creative Director of Dulux, Founder, Colour in Design Award)

Marianne Shillingford is the Creative Director of Dulux UK and the founder of the Colour in Design Awards. With over 30 years experience in the industry her wealth of knowledge and expertise in colour is constantly growing.  As the world changes at a pace it is sustainability in the process of manufacturing and creativity that she will be exploring in this talk with a panel of experts.    

Kitty Joseph (Fashion Designer)

Fashion designer Kitty Joseph heads up a modern print and colour focussed clothing label that is determined to change the standard fashion model.  Putting ethics equally in line with aesthetics, the brand aims to sustainably produce premium, intelligent, size-inclusive, joy giving clothes.  She also uses RPET fabrics made entirely from recycled plastics and Tencel from sustainably forested eucalyptus trees in her designs.  

Phoebe Lewis (ND Award winner 2020)

Winner of the 2021 Colour in Design Award at New Designers, Phoebe blew the judges of the Colour in Design Award away with her approach to creating sustainable coloured inks and paints from seaweed.  Every step of the process addresses major environmental challenges from the protection of marine life to the reinvigoration of coastal communities not forgetting the creation of an essential commodity without the use of petrochemicals.   

Emmaline Rogers, Sustainability Manager, Akzonobel UK

Sustainability Manager Emmaline Rogers is a stubborn optimist on a mission to tackle sustainable issues. At AkzoNobel, she is responsible for radically reducing waste through circular economy initiatives, driving industry action, and increasing consumer awareness on sustainable solutions. Emmaline has worked with global brands and non-profit organisations on ESG initiatives for over 15 years and has been a passionate advocate for environmental and social responsibility since childhood.

Kit Miles, designer and ND Award winner

Designer and award winning ND alumn, Kit Miles founded his internationally acclaimed studios in 2013 and since then his celebration of the natural world forms the bedrock of his collections. The studio recently launched their own sustainability manifesto.  From inks to offcuts, everything in the process of manufacture is considered with the aim that absolutely nothing is wasted.