Wax Carving Workshop with Vannetta School of Jewellery

Wax Carving Workshop with Vannetta School of Jewellery

Friday 30 June

2 - 3:30pm


Dennis Nothdruft, Head of Exhibitions, the Fashion and Textile Museum

Wax carving is a really interesting and effective method of making jewellery pieces such as earrings, rings and pendants. The process involves carving a piece of wax into the shape you want. This is sent to a professional caster and comes back as a silver (or metal of choice) copy of the shape you carved, ready for you to sand and polish. Very intricate pieces can easily and quickly be made using simple carving techniques and you can use this technique at home with minimal tools.

During this short workshop with VS Jewellery School you will be taught a few simple carving techniques to carve a simple ring and get a taste for the process. If you would like to have your piece cast in silver, we cab pass on details of a professional jewellery casters who can cast and polish your piece.

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Dennis Nothdruft was appointed Head of Exhibitions at London’s Fashion and Textile Museum in 2017. He was Curator of the museum from 2006 and continues to develop exhibitions for the Fashion and Textile Museum and its touring programme. Curated exhibitions include Liberty in Fashion, The World of Anna Sui, Jazz Age: 1920s Fashion and Photographs, Night and Day: 1930s Fashion and Photographs, Knitwear: Chanel to Westwood, Foale and Tuffin: Made in England, Tommy Nutter – the Rebel on the Row, and Zandra Rhodes Unseen amongst others. His publications include the recent Kaffe Fassett: The Artist’s Eye.