Creative Conscience Environmental Design Award


Name: Dominik Bondicov 

Title: The Green Reset Project 

Course: Product and Furniture Design

University: Birmingham City University 


Dominik’s project was chosen for its potential impact on the environment. It is not enough for us to look at sustainable models. Carbon capture and regenerative practices are vital for our survival as a species. Dominik’s design was well researched, with prototypes and tangible outcomes. Plus a massive shout out for his ability to collaborate with industry experts and business’ within this sector.


Using your skills and talents, we want you to create or build on a project that will improve the environment for the better.

Choose an issue that you feel passionate about, identify something that is having a negative impact in our world and look for a solution. We’re interested however big or small your ideas are.


The Green Reset Project aims to bring the 51 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions that currently are released into the atmosphere annually, down to zero. This project brings a new approach to emissions reduction by capturing carbon at the source. It is changing its structure and storing it efficiently while creating value from it. If a project like this is scaled to a certain degree, it could solve our global emissions problem within a decade.



At Creative Conscience, we are fortunate to have support from many great designers and practitioners working in the creative industry and can provide contacts and advice to assist the development of your design career. We aim to help the winning project towards becoming a reality.