New Designers were delighted to be supported by the Aardman Academy for the 2020 Screening Award. Last year, for the first time, the award was opened to all final year graduating visual communications students across the country. 

Students were encouraged to submit short films, moving images, gaming submissions of all types. A panel of experts from the Aardman Academy team viewed all the film submissions and were blown away with the standard of work. 

After much deliberation they crowned, Micky Wozny, ‘Something Borrowed’, MA Directing Animation course at the National Film and Television School The Screening Award Winner for 2020.


MA Directing Animation course at the National Film and Television School

Pen to paper, a sweet old woman, voiced by Jane Horrocks, can’t find the right words. Her thoughts are interrupted when she lends her pen to a hopeless young chap, voiced by Jason Watkins. 

In a whirlwind chase across windy cliffs and stormy piers, she struggles to reach him in this northern seaside town. 

A funicular ride and a bag of chips later, she begins to realise it’s more than just her words that elude her.

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It was a privilege to judge the 2020 New Designers Screening Award. I loved watching such a variety of films, from hand drawn 2d documentary-style chaotic family Christmas scenes to 3d laser cut stop motion horse-racers with wiggly noses.

A real range of films & directions, some experimental and some more traditional in their storytelling but overall I was impressed with how many students used mixed-medias to get something refreshing and new. ‘This Fabric World’ was one of these films that alongside a strong ethical message, used recycled clothes to make the animation and it created a very authentic, beautiful design. Em Green, the director of this film, takes a very deserving Runner Up position in this competition.

I was blown away by the winning film ‘Something Borrowed’ by Micky Wozny. It stood out as being a stunning example of a heartwarming story where every little detail was perfectly thought through. From the moment which kicked it all off, to the unique transitions between scenes and the overall colour palette. The director tells the story of a familiar subject in a way I’ve never seen before and the result is a work of art. It’s a beautiful short that I think will springboard this director onto many great projects in the future.

New Designers caught up with Micky Wozny, to get an exclusive interview.

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BA Hons Graphic Design, Nottingham Trent University

The discovery of mass clothes production in the Fabric World is exciting at first. 

A reflection of the fast fashion fuelled world we live in today, the people of the planet are happy with a new way to express themselves. But as soon as a pair of jeans won’t fit, or the colour isn’t quite right, the inhabitants do what we do – they throw their clothes away. 

Just like in our world, the clothes are taken from the ground, using valuable resources, materials and energy. The exponential increase in waste and dwindling finite resources soon leads to disastrous consequences… 

A response to the 2019/20 RSA Student Design Award’s Moving Pictures brief, and with visual influences like Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet, This Fabric World aims to demonstrate the effects of the ‘take, make, waste’ cycle through accessible, story focused visuals.