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Posted On 16th May, 2017 Share Post
Sam Davies exhibited at New Designers in 2010, and after being noticed by Kenwood at the show was recruited shortly afterwards. He is now one of the company's Senior Industrial Designers, and has recently worked on the newly launched kMix range.   How did you become interested in design? I’ve been interested in design as early as I can remember, creating my own trapdoor mechanisms in Lego and learning how vehicle suspension and differentials work through Technic. My interest grew
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  The second of our One Year On interviews is with illustrator Benjamin Craven and designer maker Charlie Birtles.   Tell us the story behind you and your business. How did you become interested in design? Charlie: I’ve been making things since I was young and first became interested in working in 3D forms during my Foundation Studies. It wasn’t until my final year at Manchester that I began working with found and ready made objects as I do now. Ben: From as young
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We're very excited to introduce a series of interviews with some of this year's One Year On exhibitors. Kicking things off are Hannah Croft, who produces crystallised fabric under the business name MUUNA, and Chloe and Annie, who work together to design and make their bespoke screen-printed fabric.   Tell us the story behind you and your business. How did you become interested in design? Hannah: It’s been quite a long road for me. I’d always been interested in fashion and costu
Posted On 21st April, 2017 Share Post
  As seen at Milan Design Week, visitors to this year’s curated One Year On section will find a heavy emphasis upon sustainability in the work of emerging designers. Exhibitors across both Parts 1 and 2 have responded to issues like climate change and rubbish disposal, incorporating these contemporary problems into their pieces to prompt discussion and awareness. Sustainable consumption is a major source of inspiration for jewellery designer Sinead Cooke, who re-purposes waste ma
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Milano Design Week 2017 would not have been complete without a visit to the IKEA Festival, located suitably across a warehouse Via Lambrate, on the crossroads between Ventura Lambrate & Centrale and signposted upon exit from nearby Lambrate station as though attending a sold out concert. Following the hype, we weren't disappointed, as IKEA festival delivered a fusion of its signature furniture and products amid an atmosphere of collaboration across disciplines and emerging design. Vis
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With Milano Design Week upon us, team ND headed out to enjoy a glorious spring day in Italy and join the largest annual gathering of the design world. Greeted by a 90s-esque sky high Emporio Armani sign, we were off the plane and in a taxi on our way to Salone del Mobile.   Nothing less than grande, the 56th edition of Salone continues to be the centre point for furniture design and industry. Entrance into Salone Internazionale showcased office furniture and the developments in the sim